Research at the UCSD Division of Rheumatology, Allergy & Immunology

Research programs span the spectrum from the studies in the fundamental biology of immunologic and inflammatory diseases to clinical trials that test novel therapies in patients. Our internationally-recognized research programs are funded by a wide range of sources including the National Institutes of Health, the Arthritis Foundation, philanthropic efforts, and industry.

Faculty in the Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology are involved in the following research areas:

Rheumatology Research

Allergy & Immunology Research

 Antigen Presentation  Allergic Inflammation
 B-cell Function and Autoantibodies  Angioedema
 Biomarkers  Autoinflammatory Diseases
 Cell Adhesion  Eosinophils
 Clinical Trials  Innate Immunity
 Crystal-Mediated Disease  Mucosal Immunity
 Innate Immunity  
 Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis  
 Pathogenesis of SLE  
 Signal Transduction  

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