Bruce Zuraw

Bruce Zuraw, MD
Division Chief
US HAEA Professor of Medicine

Maripat Corr

Maripat Corr, MD
Vice Chair, Academic Senate
Professor of Medicine
Rheumatology Section Head

Robert Terkeltaub

Robert Terkeltaub, MD
UCSD Professor of Medicine
VA Rheumatology Section Chief, San Diego

Gary Firestein

Gary S. Firestein, MD
Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Dean and Associate Vice Chancellor for
Clinical and Translational Research
Director, Clinical and Translational

Kim Barrett

Kim E. Barrett, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Medicine
UC San Diego School of Medicine

Seema Aceves

Seema S. Aceves, MD, PhD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
Elected to American Society for
Clinical Investigation, 2013
Named a Top Doctor in San Diego Magazine's, 2012
“Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” survey

Outstanding Clinical Care, Cutting Edge Research, and Training the Next Generation of Allergists and Rheumatologists

The clinical programs at UCSD La Jolla, Jacobs Medical Center, UCSD Hillcrest, and the Veterans Administration Healthcare System in La Jolla and Mission Valley provide comprehensive clinical care to patients with allergic and rheumatologic diseases in the outpatient and inpatient settings. The research programs span the spectrum from ...

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