Mark H. Ginsberg, MD

Ginsberg, Mark H., MD

Mark H. Ginsberg, MD
Professor of Medicine

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Dr. Ginsberg received his psychology degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He later earned his MD summa cum laude (Medicine) at the State University of New York, Down Medical Center. He completed a medicine house staff and fellowship at the University of Chicago and an immunology postdoctoral fellowship at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA.

Research Interests

Molecular structure and function of integrins in immune responses.

Clinic Focus


Selected Publications

  1. Fenczik, C.A., Sethi, T., Ramos, J.W., Hughes, P.E., and Ginsberg, M.H. 1997. Complementation of dominant suppression implicates CD98 in integrin activation. Nature 370:81.
  2. Hughes, P.E., Renshaw, M.W., Pfaff, M., Forsyth, J., Keivens, V.M., Schwartz, M.A., and Ginsberg, M.H. 1997. Suppression of integrin activation: A novel function of a Ras/Raf-initiated MAP kinase pathway. Cell 88:521.
  3. Palecek, S.P., Loftus, J.C., Ginsberg, M.H., Horwitz, A.F., and Lauffenburger, D.A. 1997. Integrin-ligand binding properties govern cell migration speed through cell-substratum adhesiveness. Nature 385:537.
  4. Hughes, P.E., Diaz-Gonzalez, F., Leong, L., Wu, C., McDonald, J.A., Shattil, S.J., and Ginsberg, M.H. 1996. Breaking the integrin hinge: a defined structural constraint regulates integrin signaling. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271:6571.
  5. Wu, C., Keivens, V.M., O'Toole, T.E., McDonald, J.A., and Ginsberg, M.H. 1995. Integrin activation and cytoskeletal interaction are essential for the assembly of a fibronectin matrix. Cell 83:715.

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